Research Guide

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Congratulations!  You've made it to the end of the Research Process.  This is a great time to look back and think about what you've learned.  Not just about your topic, but also about research, planning, writing, note taking, you name it!  As a final check, I always recommend reading your paper out loud.  It's a good way to see how things sound, and it forces you to slow down and really focus on each word.  Hopefully you've written a paper or created a presentation or other product that your audience will enjoy and learn from!

Want a step-by-step plan to follow?  Need help getting organized?  Confused about the research steps?  Print off your own copy of the Research Process Workbook and keep it with you throughout your research project!

Research steps developed from the Pitts/Stripling Research Model & Christopher Lehman's Energize Research Reading & Writing