Research Guide

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Craft a thesis statement by revising your essential question into a statement and adding your perspective on the topic.  Keep in mind that your paper will need to be full of facts and evidence that support your thesis.  If you found good support during your overview research and wrote a good essential question, this part should be easy!

  • Human beings should not be cloned.  (Essential question: Is it acceptable to clone human beings?)
  • Metallic hydrogen is the most important invention of the 21st Century. (Essential question: What invention of the 21st Century has had the greatest impact?)
  • Eating protein and HIIT workouts will build the most muscle mass.  (Essential question: What is the best strategy for gaining muscle mass?)
  • A combination of running and cross training is best preparation for a 5k race.  (Essential question: How should I prepare for a 5k race?)
  • Elephants are negatively impacted by the tourism industry.  (Essential question: How does tourism affect the treatment of elephants?)
  • The protein industry releases more greenhouse gasses than any other industry.  (Essential question: How does the protein industry affect the environment?)

Want a step-by-step plan to follow?  Need help getting organized?  Confused about the research steps?  Print off your own copy of the Research Process Workbook and keep it with you throughout your research project!

Research steps developed from the Pitts/Stripling Research Model & Christopher Lehman's Energize Research Reading & Writing