Research Guide

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Now is a great to to actually think about all the notes you've taken and what you've learned.  Do you still agree with your initial thesis?  Do you need to make any changes to it?  Do your notes provide enough evidence to support your thesis?  Do you need to conduct some more research to fill in some holes in your notes?

Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman prided himself on being able to explain the most difficult concepts with the simplest of words.  He thought that if he couldn't reduce something to a freshman level of understanding that meant he didn't really understand it himself.  Can you explain your topic and defend your thesis to someone who's in elementary school?  If you can, consider yourself an expert.

Want a step-by-step plan to follow?  Need help getting organized?  Confused about the research steps?  Print off your own copy of the Research Process Workbook and keep it with you throughout your research project!

Research steps developed from the Pitts/Stripling Research Model & Christopher Lehman's Energize Research Reading & Writing